Set Which CSS File Should be Master

Hi, i just wonder is there any way or tips to set specific CSS file in our BSS project as master or primary? So, the impact is every new rules that we create will automatically inserted into this file and not other CSS when we have more than one CSS files inside project.

Currently, when i create new rule of CSS this will inserted into which CSS inserted into project first, we can’t manage it, at least me, i don’t know how to solve this problem. Sometimes it be annoy me if i the CSS file that i imported first is CSS from custom component library, every new rules will inserted there.

Hope everyone can get my point,

The create button is a split button. You can choose in which style sheet new css classes should be saved in by click the down arrow.
if you don’t have any style sheets open in the styles tab new created css classes will be saved in the chosen one, if you have one style sheet open in the styles tab and click the create button the new css class will be saved in the open one

Ah finally i understand behaviours, thanks!

If you do Sass instead of CSS then you can set it up in as many scss files as you was and have them combined all into one CSS file. I think I did a thread asking if I was doing it right that explains how it works for me. Try searching that and it may help you.

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