Setting a database with smart forms

See here how you can use Google App Script to store form data as they are collected in your Gmail dynamically, in order to build a database.


@correspondent-y This could be handy for something I’m doing just now. I’ll try this out and see how it goes. I’d also like to be able to fetch this data back and output it to a webpage. It’s to update the Carp records for our fishing club. :smiley:

Would be happy to get your feedback after implementing it.


with the data on the spreadsheet, It should be possible to embed the spreadsheet on a webpage, I do not know if that solves your problem

I’ll mess about with them and see how it goes. There’s no rush. Cheers :+1:

If you are able to set up the script to work and collect your smart form data into the spreadsheet. On the spreadsheet navigate to File > Share > Publish to web > Choose embed, you can actually embed it in so many forms like pdf, excel, etc etc… There are so many setting you can set, you can choose who can see and who cannot, and which parts of the sheet to show and not show, just browse the settings once you are on ‘publish to web’. And as the sheet data changes, it dynamically changes on the webpage as well.

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