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Hi, I just purchased/downloaded version 4.0.3 of bootstrap within last 2 days and now working through the first tutorial online. When I get to 7 minutes in on the video the narrator changes the Font styles by clicking on the THEME Tab on the Top Toolbar menu. However on my version of Bootstrap there is no THEME tab on the menu. Only tabs on menu are; NEW / OPEN / SAVE / EXPORT / SETTINGS / UNDO / REDO Any hints how I can change the theme?


Within the current design, just click the red SETTINGS button.

n the first page of the pop-up under Bootstrap theme, just use the dropdown menu to select another theme. enter image description here see here Regards,

BSS4 beta 2 doesn't have Themes yet. The Devs still need to convert them from BSS3 to BSS4. So right now the Themes are only available in a BSS3 project setting.


I think the BSS3 themes were from bootswatch. They now have Bootstrap 4 themes available so you can download them and then import them into BSS.


BSS4 beta 2

There is a Beta Program for Bootstrap Studio?

No, when you create a New project in BSS you have the choice of Bootstrap 3.3.7 or Bootstrap 4 beta 2. And we usually refer to the app as BSS (bootstrap studio) so I sorta combined it to BSS4 beta 2. I probably should have left off the beta 2 part :) Sorry for the confusion.



Just bought Bootstrap Studio 4.0.4 and as noted, only the Bootstrap Theme is available. A bit disappointed that themes for Bootstrap 4.beta2 are not provided with BSS 4.0.4 because the availability of the themes is one of the selling points that prompted me to buy.

When will the other themes be available? Any ETA?

Just go to the bootswatch website. They have BS4 themes which you can download and import into BSS. Most of them are the same as the BS3 themes but there are a couple of new ones.

@phaworth, thanks, yes I did.

Incidentally, I noticed that Bootstrap Studio imposes a limit/maximum of 10 Themes that can be imported. When I try to import the 11th theme, I get an error that says there's an error in the code.

Then when I delete one theme to reduce the number of themes to 9, and then try to import another, Bootstrap Studio accepts the theme that earlier was rejected because it says there's an error in the CSS code.

Any explanation why Bootstrap Studio has to limit the Theme Import to a maximum of 10?

Thanks @saj, likewise sorry for the confusion. I am sure there is a beta somewhere internally. ;-)

Thank you, @FlipOne, for this bug report. The Theme Import problem will be fixed in the upcoming 4.1.0 release. We will also be adding the new Bootswatch themes for BS 4.

Woot thanks for letting us know that Gabriela! That's great news!

Great! Looking forward to it, Gab!