SFTP for single pages/files

I love that I can publish directly from BSS now, that will save time. I’d like to see the new SFTP developed a little further if at all possible. Just time saving & productivity booster.

- Ability to upload single pages/images/js/etc.
I would think doing this from the Design tab by right clicking the file and choose Publish would be good enough, butt I’m not quite sure how well this would adapt for those of us using SCSS. Typically if I make changes to a page I’ve most likely edited the SCSS as well. Maybe have it upload the CSS/SCSS setup it’s using along with pages?

Another possibility would be to add another choice to the Publish setup to choose files we want to upload? If we choose CSS and are using SCSS it would do the full system it normally would on export.
This way we could choose exactly what we want to upload and not have to do everything every time.

Some of my client’s sites are very very image heavy and when I upload their sites after changes I only upload the files that have been added or edited. I would rather not have to upload their entire site every time if there’s a way not to.

I guess my thing here is to find the best way to be able to do things piecework while keeping the SCSS system intact.

Thank you for the suggestion! Maybe we can make “Custom Publish” the same way there is a “Custom Export”. You will be able to search for and filter files by type and publish only the selected ones.

That would be awesome!