SFTP Not working for me

Is anyone else experiencing issue trying to connect the publish to the SFTP option. I can connect with all my credentials using File Zilla, but I would love to be able to update directly from Bootstrap Studio. When I do the test connection it passes, but when I try to publish it gets stuck on uploading.

Was hosting with hostgator, now with bluehost. Same problem in both

Thank you for the report! If possible can you attach a screenshot of your SFTP config?

My guess is you’re adding the information incorrectly same as I did in the beginning and had to work at it before realizing that pretty much all SFTP had changed a bit to needing to include the actual pathway where as before I could just give the domain name and put public_html/ (forgive an old brain if I put the forward slash in the wrong place lol, I never can remember that one!) and it would work. It doesn’t seem to allow that anymore, not even in FileZilla.

Check that and see if maybe there’s a discrepancy there. If you use FileZilla, check the pathway it shows at the top when you are logged in, that will be a good clue as to what needs to be added in BSS’s setup for publishing.

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I experience the same problem, with FileZilla it works fine but have never managed to transfer with the built-in function despite all the attempts and changes I tried … So I have to stay with FileZilla

Hmm I wonder what the deal is then? I have several set up for 3 different servers and they all work fine. Has to be something you’re not inputting correctly. Let me look it over in the app and see where the issue might lie.

EDIT: Ok here’s the areas that I think might cause issues for most of us as they aren’t the same in FileZilla:

  1. The Host: This is the server host not the domain name that we would normally use in FileZilla

  2. Directory (although Filezilla is doing this now too) full directory such as:
    /home/account-name/public_html .

MAKE SURE it’s not going to a specific folder unless you want it to.
used to be all we needed was the /public_html but it’s not like that anymore in FileZilla either.

  1. Port must be entered, unlike FileZilla. Default is usually 21, but I had to use 22 for mine.

  2. Authentication: Password typically.

See if any of that helps and if not, if you want to set up an FTP account for me throw me a private message with the info and I’ll set it up and give you the details. You can delete it after

I’ve had the same problem. FileZilla is no prob, but the same credentials are not working with BSS publish settings.
The Solution for me: I’ve changed the path i used in BSS, but it has to be done in respect to your SFTP Target Folder Path (Provider).
The directory you enter in the BSS-Settings has to be one level deeper. Then the “Test Connection” in BSS works AND your files will be uploaded.

Now it is working fine for me, but you have to fiddle with the paths in BSS in respect to your SFTP Access Settings made at your providers User Interface. Your BSS Directory has to be inside of this aforementioned folder on your server.

Example: The SFTP Target Folder on your server is “/xxx”, then your BSS-Directory has to be inside this “/xxx” Folder

Hope that helps, Nya

Not sure if I’m following your setup correctly, but number 2 above should have addressed your issue I think.

If you check your SFTP app it should show you the location for the most part that you’ll need. FileZilla does anyways.

Either way, glad it’s working for you now. Enjoy! :slight_smile: