SFTP permission denied


I have a problem. When I want to publish site from Bootstrap Studio I receive that error.

I have tested my SFTP connection and it’s OK.

This is happening when I’m publishing all my site with subfolders. If I publish without subfolders everything is OK.

My hosting provider is Web Hosting + Free CO.UK domain | 24/7 Support

Can you tell me where is a problem?


It could be that your security setting on you server don’t allow the creation of folders, you could try adding the subfolders via FTP or the file manager. Or setting the permissions to include recursive folders…

How to set access rights for files and folders | Hostinger Help Center.

Are you on a linux or windows server?

Have you logged in before and transferred files?

What is the directory path to where the files need to go?

I’ve set all permissions (777) and the problem still exists. I tried by FilezIla and everything is fine.

I think Hostinger.co.uk uses Linux servers and I don’t need to be logged in to transfer files. I use /public.html for my site directory.

try this
replace uxxxxxxxx with your user-id and YOUR-DOMAIN to your domain

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Thank you! Everything is OK now.