SFTP Vs. FTP to upload data to my server

I use “shared hosting” for my website. SFTP is not offered for shared hosting. Is there a way in Bootstrap Studio (latest version) to simply use FTP?

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If you have your own hosting, it’s easy enough to use a free program like Filezilla.

Part of the appeal of using an IDE for development is the “Integrated” portion of it. I too wish I didn’t have to switch to an external tool for this task. For some reason that I fail to understand, not all hosting services offer SFTP. You’d think this would be pretty much a standard nowadays.

Are there any potential security threats for BS if it uploaded through FTP? I’d think any security issues would be at the user’s expense, not BS. Or am I missing something?


I don’t think it’s a security issue, but rather that the developers would have to build a full-blown FTP client from the ground up integrated into BSS, and they would simply rather focus on developing new features in the software that are more desired by users.

There are handful of commercial FTP programs that can watch folders on your computer and automatically sync them with folders on your server, so all you have to do is export from BSS and the new files will be uploaded automatically. I believe Filezilla Pro does this.

Personally, I don’t mind that I have to use a separate program to upload file. I just run Filezilla at the same time as BSS, and after I export from BSS, I switch to Filezilla and drag what I want to the server. Really not a big deal.

Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion, I just don’t share yours.

There’s already an SFTP client in place. Surely configuring it to use a simpler protocol won’t require a full rewrite from the ground up. There are certainly many open-source FTP client implementations out there anyway.


Explanation from BSS’s developer

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They are certainly free to develop however they want, and to either listen to, or ignore, when users make their wishes known.

I’ve seen less than a half-dozen requests here in the forum for an FTP client inside BSS - probably because there are a number of free FTP client options available. Of course, you’re free to request it again, but Martin has explained pretty clearly why it’s not a priority for them.

There’s a whole slew of features that a large number of people have requested, which we’ve been waiting for for some time now, that would make the program a better tool for website development… a more customizable UI, the ability to save workspaces, multiple pages open at once, font sizing added to the text options, detachable panels, true multi-monitor support, resizeable/repositionable windows for things like icons, fonts and images, a total revamping of the online component library, and many other things.

I’m far more interested in features that will help me to build websites faster and more efficiently. Uploading the finished files is a trivial matter.

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What you could do is set up an export script to automatically upload via ftp.

For simple sites I use the publish to sftp but if I have something that needs any editing (adding php etc) then I will export.

You can read about export scripts in the docs:

The way I do it is using the ncftp client for the ftp:


and then using an export script something like:

cd %1

ncftpput  -R  -u yourftpusername -p yourftppassword yourftphostaddress  \ %1

rem load the homepage in browser after upload
start "" https://www.example.com/?%time%

Ahhh… the self-appointed gate keeper… always nice to meet them on those product support forums. Good thing the dev team has you watching over their shoulder lest they stray away from your desired forward path.

@mrlucmorin Nobody is stopping you from requesting what you want. I’m simply explaining to you why your particular request is unlikely to happen. I’ve requested numerous features and changes to this software over the years, and most of them have been implemented. Sometimes I’ve had to ask multiple times, so if you really want an FTP client inside BSS, keep asking for it.

The fact that my personal opinion is that it’s an unneeded feature is in no way “gatekeeping” you. I couldn’t stop you from posting your request even if I wanted to.

No, but it’s annoying as hell to other users who come here in the hope of presenting their ideas/requests without having someone shoot them down just because they feel their own ideas/requests should take precedence.

Which other users are annoyed besides you?

I didn’t “shoot you down.” I directed you to a post made by the owner of this software as to why FTP won’t likely be added. I happen to share that sentiment. You do not. That’s not gatekeeping. That’s just differing opinions. I’m sorry you find this annoying.

I, along with a handful of others users, put a lot of effort into helping the BSS community here in the forums. If you don’t want my help, (or want to read my opinions) click on my profile and choose “ignore” from the drop-down menu under the message button on the right. You’ll no longer see anything I post. Problem solved.

The fact that you insist on prolonging this discussion, which is obviously going nowhere, proves you feel invested with some mission to keep the dev team on the right track.

If I were to search this entire forum, I’m pretty sure that you’ve always been overjoyed and filled with gratitude when others downplayed your ideas/requests.

As for blocking, yes, I could very well do that, but I much prefer facing people. And don’t over-flatter yourself. You’re not that important.

You do realise that post from Martin was made in 2021. (S)FTP was added in 2022, what Martin was saying was that a full ftp client with file management etc. would not be possible.

I would think that there would be minimal security threats for 99% of the type of projects that BSS produces as everything that is transmitted via ftp will be accessable on the finished site. Also no threat for BSS as it wouldn’t go near their servers.

If you were to search this entire forum, you would find that many of the features now present in the program are a result of my repeatedly asking for them to be added. I can’t recall any specific posts where people disagreed with my suggestions, but I’m sure there must have been some. I certainly didn’t get upset about it the way you have.

Nevertheless, in the interests of making this a productive discussion, I again encourage you to keep asking for an FTP client to be added. Maybe you’ll get what you want.

Which is what the OP seems to want.