Sharing what i learned in pandemic

Hi i’d like to share the culmination of pandemic learning … abit of html css svg a tid of js ohhh lawd js XD… i try to update my family biz website from 2016 where the website i made was not responsive.


That really is a beautiful site, I like the parallax effect on the homepage. (Edit: And the scroll progress bar is a nice touch too)

One thing I noticed, on your promo page, the torn paper image is only 1521px wide so doesn’t go the full width of the screen.

adding a w-100 class to the image seems to sort it out.

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thank you richard for spotting this out! will be correcting this once i get back.

Mabuhay PH, Thanks for sharing. Please also consider ssl/https :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi kabayan! this ssl/https is a service on my provider? i am currently using Bluehost… is there a better and cheaper alternative? haha you gotta teach me about that.

You already have SSL on your server

Just add https at the beginning instead of http

You might want to ask your service provider to force https for you.

If not research force https with htaccess


Noted on this. Thanks!

Looks great, but ive noticed weird bug with the hamburger icon for menu, when i opened the menu and it expanded on my phone when i clicked it again the icon disappeared and showed no image icon like it didnt get an image to show, weird


yes this is my current problem haha. it does not summon the image. i have checked in bss studio and it works fine . but when I export it , it becomes messed up.

I saw that too, but wasn’t sure if it was something with my system, or with the website.

I spotted a few typographic errors on your Order guide page. A couple are probably the result of translating from your native language to English.


thank you for spotting this, will change this asap! man this community rawks.

Love the website, looks like you’re in good hands and I have my hands full with company for another week. Beautiful site! Keep learning, you have a good flare for design!

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Very nice! Good job!

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I am very impressed, your website is so elegant and visually consistent…
Beautiful work, 10/10!

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Thanks for this beautiful design.

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