Show export progress

When exporting it's hard to tell if BSS is still doing something, or the export script is running etc. I would like to see a progress indicator.

Does your export script take a while to execute? Maybe we can change the text of the notification when it activates the script.

I have one site with about 25 pages of various things with galleries, accordions, tabs, etc. and my export for that site takes only about 5 or so seconds, and even those with a ton of images in them don't take more than 10 seconds. Doesn't seem long to me at all and I don't know that a progress bar would be all that helpful for a 10 sec. or less process.

Maybe something is going on with your export Robert? Do you have it running your own export scripts as part of your export process?

Granted, for someone that might be building a photo type site for 100's to 1000's of images, that will probably take a while and may benefit from a progress bar.

Some background: I'm exporting directly to a mounted SSH filesystem from my web-server. I use this setup for testing of new sites in a sub-domain from different clients, getting feedback etc. And this SSH mounted file-system is of course many times slower then a local one.

sorry, I know this doesn't have too much to do with your suggestion but I can't figure out how to add a new thread, anyway does anyone know how to use the progress bar? I've searched for tutorial and found nothing.