"Show/Hide" setting is affecting all inside a Card

So ok,this is going to sound strange I’m sure, but I have a client that has a ton of event changes that we add to the sidebar of the site. These events are stored in a “Card” set to “Hide” so what I have is a card element set to “hide” and a whole bunch of “card body” elements inside it, one for each event. This works great for swapping them in and out as needed.

The issue today was found by accident. I sometimes get ahead of myself and mark the Card Body I am swapping into that Hidden card, as Hide. Obviously I don’t need that “hide” setting on the card body since the contents if the Card is hidden so … this is where the bug comes in. Never did this before for me:

I went and marked the “card body” as “Show” since it’s hidden in the content of that Card, but … it marked the Card as show too.
When I changed it back to “hide” it put the “hide” setting back on the parent Card. Shouldn’t be doing this I’m sure.

When I moved the “card body” back out of the “Card” and then set it to “show”, I put it into the “Card” and all was good again as it should be.

Children shouldn’t be changing their parent’s settings should they? “bad kids! bad kids!” LOL

P.S. This does not mess anything up when changing the parent, only when changing the children.

MacOS Sonoma (sweet screensavers!)

I tried to follow the report as close as I could:

  1. I have a card and card body components

  2. I set the Card to hidden, then set the Card Body to hidden

  3. I choose “Show” in the Card Body menu. The expected behavior is for all parents to be made visible as well, since the only way to show the component on the page is to make the parents visible too. The result is the same as in step 1.

Can you confirm that this is how it works for you?

If I’m following you then it’s working as intended? I don’t believe it worked like that before though.

Either way, here’s a scenario to not have it alter the parent.
There will be times when there may be alternate content within a card (I’ve got 2 of them like this right now) and when the Card itself is set to Show, I will only want one of 3 differerent content items shown depending on which event it’s used for. Rather than make 3 cards I just made 3 choices and keep 2 of them hidden at all times.

I know I was able to change them before without them altering the parent. Now I will have to pull them out of the card, change their setting and put them back. Seems like extra work to me that I shouldn’t have to do. I understand what you’re saying as to the reasoning you have it doing it now, but it’s costing me extra work to go around this, that I didn’t have to do before. Just sayin’

To add more mystery to this I had a div that was hidden that had a bunch of spans that each had a icon in it. I had another div not hidden with more spans and icons in each. I selected about 8 spans in the hidden div and dragged it up to the sibling unhidden div and all the moved spans stayed hidden without a hidden icon next to them. For some reason they eventually became unhidden but it was quite some time of clicking and trying again with undo before they understood they were set free from the hidden world ?

Yeah that’s what mine does as well. I’ve found that as long as you edit the hide/hidden setting (doesn’t matter if you’re turning it on or off) of an element, outside of the parent, and then drag it into the parent it will retain its setting. But if you then change it, it will change the parent too.