Side panels now open as popups?


For whatever reason the old sidebars now open up as pop up panels. I don't know if this is a bug, a recent change or if there was some setting that I am missing so I thought I'd ask here before I post something in a more specific forum.

If this is a deliberate change, it is not a fantastic one. I don't like having to contently toggle between tabs especially if I want to see two that used to make up a side panel such as Studio and Overview.

Studio pop up

And of course, after I spend 20 minutes trying to work it out, I post a reply and then work out how to resolve it. For anyone else who views this post with the same issue, you have to resize (drag) the side bars out. If you resize them to the smallest possible size you get buttons that open tabs, if you extend them you get the side bars.

@martin is missing a visual clue to that. (usually pins, small arrows etc).

Yeah I would agree a Pin would be a welcome thing, especially if it was clickable to turn it on and off making the transition of the pane easier to manipulate.