Sidebar with Menu scaling strangely


Sidebar with menu is scaling strangely.

  1. Make empty project.
  2. Put sidebar with menu on it.
  3. Open the menu in designer so it shows
  4. Set display mode of the designer to MD or smaller.

Now the sidebar shows in same size as before but all the menus do not show at all.

I have not found any setting to fix this.

I am having a hard time reproducing this. If you can provide a screenshot or a few seconds of screen recording it would help a lot.

Just to confirm, the Offcanvas has these options, correct?


In step 4 do you mean that you just click one of the breakpoint buttons to resize the canvas?


You are right there is something else affecting it, am trying to narrow it down, I will post again when I find what.

For me in my project then freshly dragged in Side bar with menu with no changes goes like this in smaller mode, basically the top div in it there goes to almost nothing

But in totally empty project it would not happen so I will have to narrow that down.

It is likely that this is some kind of conflict with other CSS in your project. You can try disabling your stylesheets one after the other to narrow it down.