Simple Design Editing in different CMS Frameworks

Hi all, I bought Bootstrap Studio to export my files to, do some style editing and export back to my local host for deployment. However, we are using the php CMS Expression Engine. It uses it's own variables and logic in the html templates and as such, the Bootstrap Studio will not preview the files because my Framework - Expression Engine holds the some of the logic and embedded variables. Is there any way to get CMS Framework logic into Bootstrap Studio? If not I may be out of luck using this great app. Thx!

Having not used the cms you are using personally I am going to say confidently it won't work inside bootstrap studio as php is not supported.

I'm sure you could design a site/template within BSs and then Once exported replace the bits you need too to make it work with your CMS.

Of course you could also include some php within custom code but then preview won't work nor will drag and drop.