Simple Gallery from Folder

I want to be able to create a folder called gallery under the images folder. Then I want to be able to add and delete images to that folder as desired. Now, somewhere on the site I want to have a photo gallery that references that images>gallery folder and displays a gallery based on the current images in the folder. Does anyone know of an easy way to do this?

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions.

If you have php on your server, you can check this out

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Thank-you so much for the option - I will check it out. I am not familiar with PHP much but hopefully I can figure it out. Does the hosting BSS uses have PHP? Do you happen to know if it is possible without PHP?

No the BSS hosting doesn’t has PHP, to use the nanoPhotosProvider2 you need a server with PHP.
For you the easiest is to use the Lightbox gallery in BSS.
Here is an example with venobox instead of baguettebox

here is a link to venobox

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Thank-You for sharing this! I will check it out!

Hi, i am using this, the template uses handlebars, copy header and footer from website and generate the gallery…

if you need help i can attach you my working copy

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Thank-You so much for this option. This is what I was originally looking for but after looking at it I am confused as to how to make it work.(Complete NEEWBIE HERE) If you are willing to share your working copy that would be super helpful!



here is the repo

export the design to some folder and put all files from repo there together,
open terminal and run

thumbsup --config config.json

its working copy, if you will use it i can clean up the code and make some adjustments…

Thanks for this. I really appreciate it!