Simple-slider sits in front of navbar's menu when collapsed

Hello guys, Let's see if somebody can help me out. It isn't really funny spending 25 bucks for avoiding writing/copyn'pasting code to see that a basic functions doesn't works as it should. I have the latest version since I purchased yesterday. How to recreate:

  1. Start a new project
  2. Add block "Navigation Clean"
  3. Add block Simple Slider
  4. Enable preview and open browser
  5. Resize browser until navbar's elements collapse
  6. Click the "hamburguer" icon in Navbar

In my case, the navbar's menu sits behind the slides. If you hide the slider you'll view it. Also playing with z-index values can bring that menu in front.

But I don't like fixing a code that should work out of the box.

Edit: Forgot to add step: 3b - Change navbar height, e.g:

.navbar.navbar-default.navigation-clean { height: 70px; }

This only happens when height attribute is added.

Your right it does happen because you set a specific height to the navbar. I'm not sure what you were expecting to have happen when you are limiting the height of the navbar.

This appears to be how flexbox works. If you disable flexbox on the navbar the brand and hamburger menu comes back into view but the height is still limited to 70px so the navbar effectively overflows the submenu items out of view.


This isn't just a flexbox thing, I just was pointing out what flexbox did. The issue is your setting an explicit height to the navbar. Had you used min-height, then it would have worked without issue. Other then in the BSS4 version the padding-top/bottom changes based on media queries.