Simple slider vs Carousel

Hi! I'm really brand new with this ... Could someone explain the difference between simple slider carousel ? ... also how could we get a jumbotron inside the simple slider or a carousel ?


I'm using my iPhone sorry can't explain much.

I thinks simple slider doesn't have captions maybe, would have to compare the codes.

I have a component in the online tab that is called Carousel Hero, use that would probably be easier.

Just be sure to get the one that says BSS 2.3.x or something like that in the description. Should only be 1 of them that does.


Thank you

The Simple Slider basically slides DIV's with background images applied to them, with no direct app controls.

The Carousel slides DIV's with images as child elements. The Carousel has direct app controls to support the function of the Carousel and add things like captions to the component etc...


simple-slider supports swiping, to use swiping with the carousel you would need to add that yourself.