Simple Slider works on preview but not working on published website

hey, in a website that I'm building I have some simple sliders, they work very nicely on preview, but in the published website the next and last button doesn't work :( did anybody had a similar issue, already took a look at js and css file and things look pretty cool. Thank you

this website was published by boostrap studio software

Can't do much without being able to see it.

Try checking the order of your JS files and make sure they are in the right order. Make sure all the files are uploaded as well, which I'm sure they are if you've re-uploaded the full assets folder.

yes they are in order :(

anyone has an idea? in one of the pages I use a different slider "Slider PAR" and the same thing happens, nice on preview but no slidding on published :(

Something is wrong with your implementation. I do not see the Simple-Slider.js script anywhere on your page.

If you use just the code required in you main script for the swipers it may help decide what is in conflict.

$(function() {
    new Swiper(".swiper-container", {
        loop: !0,
        pagination: ".swiper-pagination",
        paginationClickable: !0,
        nextButton: ".swiper-button-next",
        prevButton: ".swiper-button-prev"

I dont think anything is wrong when testing them alone with the intialization script. Its when you combine it with the maps and flexslider scripts that the problem happens. Are you even using maps or flexslider ?

I think its a conflict with the map script coming before it. If I take the map script out and add it after in another script file the swiper starts working. If you are not using a map then just delete all the code above the swiper function.

Thank you very much people, you were right! Just changed the order of simple-slider js and everything works perfect ! Thank you

Glad it worked out for you and that it was that simple of a fix. Carry on and have fun!