Single Page Shopping Cart?

So far really liking Bootstrap Studio - and the Reflow integration is a great feature!

I’d like to do something like this with it:

Essentially, I have a project that needs a single page with all products listed so the customer can select quantities, get a running total and then check out with Stripe.

We don’t need product pages, categories or a basket etc - simply all products (4 of them) to be visible and instantly purchasable!

Is this possible in Bootstrap Studio/Reflow?


Unfortunately it’s not possible, achieving the exact same layout as this codepen would require custom coding.

The closest you can come to this using Reflow, is if you have two pages:

  • A page with a Product List component. It will show all your products, each of which has an add to cart button. There is no need to have separate product pages.
  • A page with a Shopping Cart component for checkout.

This won’t show a running total unfortunately.

Cheers for the reply Martin

That’s a pity, I’ll have a play and see if the client will be ok with it!

Just looking at the Reflow website and there is a demo that does something very similar to what I need (although not using Bootstrap Studio) - Shopping Cart