Site not working for me after upload

Hey all,

not sure if this is a bug (at least it’s for me), but after uploading the site via BSS, I only see the blank html without any css applied. I’ve tried both settings (use CDN and don’t use CDN). In both cases I see the normal links to load the stylesheets from the /assets folder, yet no style sheets get applied.

It works when I preview it, just not when it’s uploaded. Here’s the link: fynndesign

Am I doing something wrong, or is BSS failing me?

It looks like all your assets are missing, have you made sure you havn’t turned them off by mistake in the custom publish options?

I found the error. I had absolute paths enabled. Wonder then… when does enabling absolute paths makes sense?

I was just coming back to say that :slight_smile:

the files are actually there, but its looking for them in the top level

What circumstance would absolute paths then be needed?

In the bss environment then I would say there is no reason to have them (that I can think of)

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