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Hi Developers,

I know this has been requested before but is there any chance the sitemap export could include ‘‘last modified’’ for each page. This would help in spiders knowing which pages need re-indexing based on the last modified time and save server resources from pages being re-indexed that have not changed.

PS - Awesome V6 update release…


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+1 for this addition. Some years ago, Google ignored this information, but now they incentive to do it. The only point to take care of is to stay accurate since Google may compare the real last modified info from a page with the one provided in the sitemap… So, we’ll have to renew and upload the sitemap each time a page is re-published.

[ref: Membuat dan Mengirimkan Peta Situs | Pusat Google Penelusuran  |  Dokumentasi  |  Google Developers]

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If I understand (never know lol) the new update, they’ve added the ability to selectively upload. If that’s the case then if you do the Publish directly from BSS to your server, you can choose it and all it will take is an extra click to include it in the upload. Should be pretty slick I think, if they add this feature we’ll be all set to go! :slight_smile:

For now at least, we can just include it in our uploads selectively in the case of added or removed pages.

For the moment, there’s no <­lastmod­> info in the sitemap generated by BSS, @jo-r, but when there will be one, it will be effectively necessary to include the sitemap with every upload. Maybe the easier would be to add an option in settings like “Add last modified tag in sitemap”, then auto-include it when this option is checked.

Well, awaiting, we can integrate a call to an (offline) command line tool like this one at post-export stage: GitHub - c4software/python-sitemap: Mini website crawler to make sitemap from a website..

Sorry senior moment I think. I do know it’s not there, but I could swear I saw one of the posts mention about when “new” pages are added that the sitemap has to be reuploaded again. For me I upload it every time I update a site so it’s always up to date, but … with this new ability to pick and choose which files to upload, we’ll need to remember to check the box for it so it’s not forgotten. Sorry for the confusion. Might have been another thread I saw the comment about new pages in.

OK, understood, don’t worry :slight_smile: However, while sitemap upload at each site update doesn’t hurt, even when no new page in the map… It will be mandatory if a <­lastmod­> tag is added (and more if this tag includes the date AND time).

Hi, I had requested this for quite some time, so far nothing has been done.
You get this kind of result with external sitemap generators, you’ll need to load them on the server, I’ll give you the link.

There are others and yes, it would be great if this was configured directly in Bootstrap Studio.

100% correct. And if you want the new pages indexed quickly, you should always upload the updated sitemap to your Google Search Console entry for that website.

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