Slider for small logos


sorry if my question seems ridiculous, this is my first time using Bootstrap studio.

I am having hard time trying to have a slider for small icons, the slider that already there is not working, and I am trying to add an external slider.

But I totally don't know how to do that, I've looked for tutorials but I couldn't find a good one.

Could you please help me with that?


It might help if you tell us what slider you're trying to use first. One of us may already be using it.

I would prefer SlickSlider, I inserted the code using custom code, however the CSS and JS seems not working well.

Well here's my findings for what I have used with Wow Slider. I put it in as Custom code as well, but I've put the files on the server rather than importing them and I reference them with absolute URLs until such a time as I am sure it all works. Then I change it to relative URL's so that they will work on export so I don't forget or have to keep doing it after export for all the updates I do on the page(s).

What you will find while setting it up, is that for the most part it will not work right in BSS. The sliders won't slide right or they stop or the images don't show etc., but I know they are working on some things to get the visual preview area working much better and more features. Right now it will most likely not work correctly in BSS preview though.

Use the browser preview to make sure it's all working right, ignore what it does in BSS preview itself. Once you have it working you're fine, and don't waste your time trying to make it work in BSS preview. Changing the URL's from absolute to relative has been a major help to me as it speeds up the export process, because I don't have the images imported or the JS or the CSS, it's all on the server now.

Alter your code for the images to reference absolute URL's as well until it's working. Once you change it to relative, just resign yourself that you know it works and not to bother expecting it to in BSS or the Preview browser as neither will read the local files at this time. Hopefully we'll see some changes with reading local files as well in the future.

Hope that helps and if you need more assistance let me know and I can take a look at the SlickSlider to see what it entails.