Slow Loading BootStrapStudio Site {FIXED}


My bootstrap site is very slow with loading.

Since I want to use it for my company it’s a bad reflection.
Is there any way to fix this?

Do you have a link to the site so we can see it and check it? It’s hard to help without having any idea what the issue may be. :slight_smile:

I’ve putten it on a netlify host, tried it on local host too. Same problem.

(The English version is the only one done)

Your images are far too big for a website, for example your image WebsiteBanner4.jpg is 6336x8662px and about 4mb in file size, where on the page it is around 600px wide, so you are serving images 10 times larger than they need to be.

You can change these in BSS using the optimize image tool

I would also suggest you use the file > Check for issues tool to guide you on what to change.

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I don’t see the optimize tool?

Right click on the image in the design tab and you will see optimize

It will also come up everytime you import an image.

It loads immediately for me, but I do have 1gb/300mb fiber, but as far as I can see the images are the problem cause rest loads instantly

I have 300 mbps cable and while the page loads instantly, those massive images take about 3-4 seconds.

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As others have pointed out, your images are far too large for web use. You can run Lighthouse from Chrome Web Developer Tools and see right away what’s causing your slowdown…

If you’re having issues resizing your images with BSS, and don’t have image editing software like Photoshop, there are many free online services that will resize images. Here’s one that also has dozens of other image tools…

After you’ve resized your images and inserted them into your website, don’t forget to declare the width and height in the Image Options. This further reduce your page load time because the DOM will know the exact size of the space that’s going to be occupied by the image, and create it before the image actually downloads, thus avoiding a layout shift.