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Hi, I have now published my website as a static website on a web hosting other than Cloudflare. And when I try to fill in the contact form, I don’t get the message on the e-mail. I’ve already asked here and a guy told me it would work, so where’s the problem??

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Ask yourself cause it’s prolly your fault

P.S also keep in mind to structure your form properly including submit button in the form :slight_smile:

Thank you for your message. Bootstrap studio is new to me. I’m not sure I understood your answers. So what do I need to set up or change to make it work ??.

first see if it works in the preview, if that works then upload it to your server.

If it doesn’t work then chances are you havn’t uploaded everything to the server, press f12 in your browser to open the development tools and look at the console for any errors.

If that is all working, check to make sure that it isn’t going into your spam.

Really its difficult for us to tell you what is wrong without seeing the site, maybe post a link if you keep having problems

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Thank you for your message. So in Preview is normally working. When I export the website as static web and I uploaded on other web hosting after that I tried to fill contact form again and looked to my e-mail and nothing. Also I looked in console, there isn’t problem. I am going to send you codes from already published website, its only for example. It’s normally Smart Form what I create with templates and set in OPTIONS.

In bootstrap studio I am new and it’s interesting program to create good a website.


Can you check your SPAM folder? Smart forms inserts the URL of the page in the email, and when you upload it to your server it will start including the URL of your site. Your email server might start classifying this as spam.

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Thank you for your help. I tried set other e-mail yet and its working. So we will see. I dont know where it was problem.

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