Smart form - Broken--- FIXED (My Bad)

I’ve been trying to wire up a smart form the last few days.

The Verification code will not send. I have tried multiple times. I have tried a different email address. I have checked Junk/Spam.

Can some on the team fix that, like ASAP?

EDIT/UPDATE: Apparently, my host made some updates and nuked my MX records. I have reset up the MX records. Sorry for barking up the wrong tree. LESSON: If you don’t get the verification email, check your MX records.

Thanks to everyone for the reply

Your email server is reporting an SMTP Error “550 No Such User Here” and rejects both Smart Forms’ verification emails and email replies which we sent to you after you contacted us.

I am happy that you wrote here, otherwise there was no way to contact you. I’d suggest you investigate the problem with your email provider or person who manages your email server.

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Thanks, Martin. I appreciate the reply. And, could still use some help.

I use Google Apps for my email service. Could you tell me what adjustments I could make in my Google settings that might be causing the issue?


Double check for a typo in your email id. “Error 505 No such user here” indicates that there is no user available at the server with your specified username.

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Double checked.

The email is a .co (not a .com). Could that be tripping things up?

It shouldn’t be, I have used a couple of .co email addresses with smartforms and works ok, infact set one up earlier to test

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Thanks for confirming, Richard.

I guess that puts me back to – no idea why it’s not working.

I have checked within Bootstrap Studio. I checked my .co (google-hosted) mail and don’t see any errors.

@martin … any chance you can manually trigger a verification code?


Following up… can you check that this issue might be related to a DKIM, TXT, MX record verification?

It looks like the verification email got through. Is everything working?


Yeah… I updated my initial post/post title to indicate it was fixed. An MX update was the fix.