Smart Form data into a database

Does any Smart Form user have a way of getting the form data into some database, rather than just into an email.

Smart Forms is primarily aimed for use on small personal sites and for testing. It’s not customisable, and all of the backend work is done on Bootstrap Studio’s servers.

If you would like something more complex or customisable, you will need to look into coding your own solution and hosting your site externally, and not on Bootstrap Studio’s hosting.

Their are tools like EasyForms you can run which help you creat PHP forms and the like.

There could be solutions for extracting the information from your emails and putting it in a database, but I can garentee it would be far more work than making your own PHP form.

Yes I did realise this, I actually thought maybe someone has come up with a simpler solution. Nonetheless, I collect bootstrap forms emails into my gmail, I managed to use appscript to successfully extract the data from the smart form into a spreadsheet. It now works automatically for the form though, when the form lands, at a particular time, the script extracts all the data from the individual forms into the sheet. I do not know how the script will work for other forms, I will test it with other forms and see, but I will still share the script here soon.

I did, but not in real database, just collect it on spreadsheet, so it still accessable easily

so you type it out onto the spreadsheet or they go into the spreadsheet by itself when they get into your email?

when someone send web contact form, it will send into email and also spreadsheet. But mostly i integrate to telegram instead of email, so when i get new message from web form, it will saved in spreadsheet and then ii will get Telegram notification about it.

How did you implement this, getting the form data into spreadsheet??

Change the to in “…/assets/js/smart-forms.min.min”.

You should also use your own reCaptcha verify iFrame. Create a html site, make your logic, and change also to

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