Smart-form issue and reCaptcha. Help someone please

I would be perfectly happy with the smart-form situation if it weren’t for a couple of things. And right now, this is a big problem for me. The first is that reCaptcha on desktop devices only asks users to click on a checkbox, but on mobile devices, users have to choose small images of traffic lights or stairs. My website is designed for a wide range of audiences, 50% of which simply won’t be able to see these images without glasses. So here’s the first question: Is there a way to do without images altogether?

Google Bard told me that this can be changed by either changing the reCaptcha theme to dark, or by changing the way reCaptcha is displayed on Mobile. It’s clear that this is either impossible or not very easy to do. Can the developers offer any advice?

I mean, I absolutely understand their desire not to remove reCaptcha from smart-forms (although there could be options here too, for example, if you insert your own reCaptcha, with your own key and statistics, which is IMPORTANT!, then the standard reCaptcha from Bootstrap Studio is disabled), but they could at least offer options. You could hard-code a few reCaptcha options into the system and switch between them. Want images? Here are the images. Want just one checkbox? Here’s one checkbox.

So what do I do now? I don’t need images in reCaptcha on mobile devices.

Unfortunately it is not possible to configure recaptcha to skip the image challenge. According to this answer, you as a developer see the image challenge much more often than users due to repeated requests.

Switching off the recaptcha isn’t an option either. Without it Smart Forms would be abused relentlessly and we would be forced to shut it down. I am afraid that it’s a necessary evil that we have to live with.

Okay, if you say so… I guess that’s probably the case. Although, if I create my own reCaptcha in Google and set the Security Preference to zero,

it never shows images on either mobile devices or desktops.

And Google Bard, it must be hallucinating, but it keeps suggesting to set the theme to Dark like

const theme = this.options.theme;
if (theme === "light") {
 this.options.theme = "dark";

and says that there will be no images. He’s probably lying. I haven’t tried it yet.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! I wasn’t aware of this slider. I turned it down to “Easiest for users”, the change should be live now.


Thats amazing Martin,

I just tested this right now and I didn’t have to choose any images in the captcha!

I have found Google Bard to be very poor at tasks, it also can only get information from trained data rather than the internet so many technical questions it answers incorrectly. A tool I recommend to people is Phind. This is a great tool that uses ChatGPT-4 or its own powerful Phind model that can search the web for answers. It has a “Chat” feature that is extremely powerful.

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Phind has been very helpful to me since you mentioned it several days ago.

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I’m so happy to hear! :heart: