Smart Form response notification

Is there any way I can edit the "Success, Your message has been delivered" notification received from a SmartForm submission, so as to change the message and add a hyperlink to a PayPal payment page?

OR in other words, in place of the "message delivered" my own receipt page is retrieved.

Good question... and same here. Tried to modify the message in smart-forms.min But after that it shows no message at all.

Yes you can edit the text "Your message has been delivered" and add a hyperlink. Here you have an example that will rock your socks off lol

Smart form with hyperlink

You can edit the message send text in smart-forms.min.js. that's no problem. Can you may tell us where you can edit the name of the "Close" Btn? It's not in the JS. And maybe - if you have time - how to forward users to the "thank-you" page?

Cheers and thanks!