smart form sender copy

Hi Guys,

So I would like to send a sender copy when somebody contacting via form. Is this possible? If not do yo have an alternate solution? Thank you!

I have the same problem. I need the form to go to 2 separate email addresses but Bootstrap Studio allows me to configure a single address.

I don't use BSS included form feature, I use It is easy to do this with jotfom. I (believe) believe still have a free plan, but their paid plans are a bit pricey. They do run specials from time-to-time.

That's not a good idea. You can't trust the 'sender' address. Any spammer can forge it and create a script to use your form as a spam injecting point.

That said use your own form processor. The one offered with BSS is really limited. There are tons of ready to use PHP scripts and many paid services that do exactly that.

Ya I think half the issue is that most people think the forms on BSS servers are going to be full featured, but they are just there for people that have a need for basic forms. Anything more than that you will need to follow the advice from the last two posts and find a good software or online form building service. is one that Printninja mentioned, and I use which is pretty slick too. It's definitely cheaper than Jotform, but I don't know how good Jotform is so the price could be worth it.

Likewise, I haven't used machform, but Jotform is definitely pricey on it's paid plans. It's form features, however, are incredible. It can do virtually anything you can think of, you have total control over every aspect of the code, numerous way to include the forms on your website, you can accept payments through it's forms, upload files, there are hundreds of widgets. I will never even use 2% of what they offer, which is why I would probably not even use them at all if I had to pay their normal pricing (which for my needs would be about $32 a month), but I was one of their very earliest clients, and they grandfathered my business in at a fraction of what their regular pricing is. And we stay at this price as long as we keep renewing each year. I suspect one day the ride will end, but for now, I'm letting sleeping dogs lie.

Still, Jotform's free plan is a good alternative to to Bootstrap Studio's limited built-in forms, because even on Jotform's free plan, you get 100% of their features. They just limit you to 100 submission a month and 1,000 monthly form views. A form "view" is considered anytime the form is loaded on your site. So if you only have one website, with one form, and you put it on a contact page, or a modal, so it doesn't automatically show when your home page loads, you'll probably be good with this.

But if you have 20 sites with 20 forms, and they are on the home page of each site, and load each time the site loads, your form views will quickly be used up, and your forms would stop working until you upgraded to a paid plan.

Yeah, sounds good, but I tend to stay away from those services that charge you by the quota rather than a straight monthly/yearly fee and they are definitely pricey. Machform can do everything you mention, and although you don't have the code directly in your hands, it's quite simple to utilize as all your forms are online within your own server that you install it on, and you can install it on multiple servers when you get the right package. The builder is an online builder which is drag and drop for the most part and the settings are pretty easy to work up for it as well. It definitelyt has all the bells and whistles anyone could possibly need as well. Has worked well for me for about 5 years or more now and I too have a sort of grandfathered price although I am not sure why lol. I tested for a while for them when we had some issues so maybe that's why, but not sure. Anyways, they are pretty good and will help you with installs and so on, good support and the prices aren't horrible either.

Thank you all your answers. I will have a look this forms. I have tried mailchimp free form as well its not bad.

Marco: Can i trust the form provider sites?

Marco: Can i trust the form provider sites?

Choose wisely, good services don't come cheap.

@szecse After 9 years, thousands of form submissions, and hundreds of thousands of form views, I've never had an issue with security/trust using

I've had other issue, but never in terms of trust. They're a solid company that has been around a long time.

Likewise here @szecse I've been using for about 7 years or more and have never had any issues with security, trust, payments, etc.


We should be getting commissions for every person we send to these form companies lololol!