Smart forms and different website location

Hi all,
I have a lifetime license and wanted some information regarding Smart forms.
Can I use multiple emails for smartforms so that each project has it’s own email?
Can I have a site hosted on a different server and just smart forms on bootstrap studio’s server?
Can smart forms be exported so that they work on another server?

Thank you.

As a Lifetime license owner, you can authenticate 10 different email addresses in Smart Forms and create unlimited forms for each. You can host your site anywhere and the forms will still work.


Thanks for the reply.
So I create the form, export it, then upload it to the host provider?
I created a site using bootstrap studio which I exported and uploaded to a hosting provider.
Do I export the Smart Form and upload to an external hosting provider, or do I get a link to the Smart Form which I then add to the website?

The Smart Forms logic is contained in one of the exported JS files in your project. If you upload all files that Bootstrap Studio has exported, the form will work regardless of where you upload the website.

Thanks a lot for the information.