Smart forms don't work

I got my Smart Forms doesn’t work for two days after all sites that were published using Publish option in BSS were down. Is this issue will be fixed?
I had to move to another hosting but I am not sure that this is an issue. They don’t work even on BSS test server. Tried to add a new recipient but it didn’t work. I didn’t get the verification code.

Can you check your spam folder? Everything seems to work when I test.

So it doesn’t work. I received a new verification code for the new email so I suppose it should work but the email that I’ve used before still doesn’t work. I deleted it in BSS and added it once again but I suppose as it is already in the database it didn’t send me a new verification code. So new email will work, old email no. But I need an old email to work. What to do?

If you’ve already verified the email in the past, no new code is sent. You should be able to use the readded email address straight away. If it doesn’t work, can you send us screenshots of the problem to our email address: Contact us

So, I fixed the trouble. It was my mistake when I migrated to new hosting. Sorry, and thanks for quick repsonse

I’m having an outage with the Smart Forms,

The forms work when testing in Preview mode but fail after deployment.