Smart Forms help

Hi All,

I am trying smart forms and all seems well so far. I have noticed though that when I get a form through from smartforms to Outlook the message appears on a grey background with the form in a white box, I cant anywhere on the form in BSS or in the surrounding container where this grey background is being pulled from. Can anyone offer any advice ?

Regards John

Hi @johntankard,

Sorry you are having this issue.

What I beleve could be the most likely cause, is that if you are using Outlook for desktop this application uses a very old set of standards to render emails, which can cause issues.

If you login to Outlook online, do you still see this issue?

Please provide a screenshot if you can :slight_smile:



Yes, I have just looked at outlook online and it shows exactly the same. Screentshots attached from outlook online and outlook desktop.

Now I see this, I understand more what you mean.

The grey background is expected behaviour, it’s how the email is designed to look.

The Easy Forms email is not customisable.

Ok, I understand - Is there a reason it was set to Grey? When you reply to an emailed form then the whole background of the reply is also in grey instead of white and it looks so unprofessional.

I’ll have to look for other options if it can’t be changed.

Regards John

I can only imagine that grey was chosen for aesthetic reasons by the developers :slight_smile:

To clarify some information about email, they are simply HTML files with CSS. There is no universal standard between mail clients for which CSS rules are allowed. And the behaviour of each mail client is also very different.

Since this email has a background of grey, when you reply to this email in Outlook, Outlook keeps this background in your reply.

The mail client I use, RoundCube, however, correctly does not copy the background colour into my replies.

This unfortunately is an issue with Outlook and not with Easy Forms. You could try using a different mail client.

I hope this information is useful.