Smart Forms - IP address Shows, Unknown Shows?

I used Smart Forms to build a “Contact us” form. When i run it from the “Preview” the resultin email contains the senders IP address in the header. When I export to HTML and run the site external from Bootstrap studio, the location of the IP address cumes up as “Unknown”.

I would prefere if there were NO message at all. How do I get rid of the “Unknow” string?

Thank you!

as you are previewing then the ip address is your local computer, when you host it somewhere it will come up as the website you are running from.

When you are getting the ‘unknown’ is this running on a server, or are you just opening the local file from your browser?

Hi Richards,
I’m currently opening the html file from a local machine. Eventually it will be placed on our server for public use. I guess my question is then, is it possible to edit the header so that it does NOT show any information?

From what I could see smartforms is an Amazon service, maybe if you use it directly from Amazon you can edit the fields.
I don’t know if it’s a free service.

The header includes only the URL on which the smart form was placed, so that the recipient knows which form was submitted. Since you are previewing locally and your website is visible on your local ip, smart forms shows the local address. When you upload it, it will work correctly.

We use AWS for email delivery, but smart forms is not an amazon service.