Smart Forms Tracking Submissions


Is there any way to keep track of how many forms were filled out for each form that is attached to a particular email address?

I am interested in keeping track of how many people filled out a form for my clients. Right now I do not see any records of how many forms were filled out.

Thank you, Inayet

I would think with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager you could set up a "trigger" to monitor the form submit. Do you have a specific example to look at ?

Thank you guys for responding! I appreciate it.

Here is the link where I am testing out the Smart Forms

I have it setup where after you fill out the form and hit submit it should take you to /thank-you.html page where I have the Google Analytics setup to count conversions however after the Success Screen it just leaves you at the /request-a-quote.html page where the form is at .

My intentions is to be able to show my clients and for tracking purposes how many forms they received since I cannot access their email address to see how many Smart Forms were filled out for them.

Is there a way to have a dashboard on where we can log in and see how many forms were sent to each email ?

It would be a nice option to have in the form setting to instead of having the confirm message have a redirect link we specify. That would then provide the exit tracking for Google Analytics to grab on to.

Yes, that would be great.

Is there anyway for us to keep track of how many forms were filled out ?

Otherwise, SmartForms are not really useful for marketers who need to show ROI and integrating with analytics platforms.

Any help and assistance is appreciated it

I tried making a script that would listen for the confirmation in the iframe and would redirect to url but was unsuccessful. You might email support to see if there is something they can offer or put on the list for future additions to the smart forms. I am impressed with the Smart Form as it is now since its really easy to get going with email submission.

BSS is an amazing program, but it doesn't have the most robust form features.

Personally, I use JotForms. It's an amazing tool. You can track anything with their forms. Not exactly cheap but I have need for dozens of forms for dozens of clients, and have to be able to do a variety of different things with them. They do have a free tier, but it includes Jotform branding on the form and certain other limitations. If you don't mind their link, it might be a solution for you.

There are other form companies out there as well, which I'm not familiar with... WuFoo, Cognito, 123FormBuilder... you could look into them. Also, there is Google Forms, which is free for personal use.