Smart Forms Verification


I am trying to set up smart forms for my business email:

I am not receiving the verification link from the server. I have checked all SPAM/JUNK folders.
Any other emails sent from ex a gmail account to does work as well, just not the smart forms email.
I have whitelisted on the webmail and disabled all spam checking on Interworx web panel from my ISP.
Is it possible for the developers to check any failed messages/logs for my email address above?
I have temporarily setup smart forms to a gmail account where it is working perfectly.

Would appreciate any other help/suggestions.


According to whois doesn’t exist. Maybe that’s the problem

Argh, I made a typo.

Is there an email I can get or a way to ask the developer to have a look perhaps?

According to my hosting provider: “It looks like makes use of Postmark to send emails:

Try here: Contact us

Thanks I emailed them

Update: I emailed the developers on that link above. And he replied probably within 30 minutes.
Postmark blocked my email for some reason (not sure why), but he removed the block and all is working perfectly now!
Thanks and excellent service from Bootstrap Studio! I am so glad I came across this software.