Snippets Library maybe?

So this thread here: Paste Attributes, Animation and my own need to respond made me realize that this is probably the only website building software (code or otherwise) that doesn’t have a Snippets Library feature where we can put whatever we want in it (css, html, txt, js, etc.). The file would only need to be saved as text, and nothing special would be needed for it although code coloring would be nice. One of the ones I like to use on my Mac is called Snippets Lab if you want to check it out to see it’s features.

The only real features I can think of is the code coloring where we can highlight some code and right click and choose what type of coloring we want added by code style.

The other feature that would be extremely helpful is ability to create folders and folders within folders a few levels deep so we can organize our snippets.

Would be a great feature and save me time having to go in and out of the app to get what I have saved in Snippets Lab. :slight_smile:

Why not create said snippets and add a page to your library which which referenced the html and the css/jss etc?

Don’t need a separate snippet library then providing you keep the class names vanilla so you can reuse on multiple designs

It’s not particularly elegant, but I suppose you could save the snippet as a custom code component, add it to the user library and then create a subfolder there. For me, it wouldn’t really be a time-saver because I have all my code snippets saved as notepad++ files, and keep them in an operating system folder on my desktop. Going in and out of BSS is easy when you have multiple monitors, but if you only have one monitor, then it would definitely be useful to have a feature like this directly within BSS.