Soft hyphen and lang attribute

Hello, I would like to create a soft hyphen (&shy;) in a heading. Therefore it is necessary to add the lang attribute to the html-tag like this: <html lang="de">.

Can anybody please tell me how I would do that in Bootstrap Studio? Is there a better way to add a soft hyphen?

Regards, Henry

I found the answer how to do it: Select HTML and create a new attribute in the ATTRIBUTES area by clicking '+'.

What remains is to find a way to add ­ to the text in the header. The problem is that Bootstrap Studie escapes & and in the html code you find something like & instead of & only. Any idea how to do that? Henry


One way to do this is to drag and drop the Custom Code component in your heading - you can type any HTML entity in Custom Code.

A better approach is to just paste the character that you need without escaping it. Bootstrap Studio and recent browsers all support unicode, so the character will be correctly displayed.

Thank you, Martin,

yes, the Custom Component is the solution.

However, I was not able to paste unicode character U+00AD. According to the Unicode Character Table ( it is not a visible character. Pasting it into a string within a Bootstrap Studio paragraph did not show any effects. Also, when pasting '&' (for testing only) it resulted in the formerly mentioned escape sequence &amp; !!!

Let me still add some remarks for those who want to play around with the soft hyphen:

  • Don't forget to add the lang attribute to <html>, for instance

    <html lang="de">

  • As Martin mentioned, use a Custom Component to add &shy; to the target word .

  • Bootstrap Studio does not display the word with the soft hyphen correctly! So it is not usefull as long as your design is not in a final state.
  • Though the word is displayed correctly with Chrome, Firefox and IE, searching for it does not lead to a result!!!

Hope this helped.