Software freezes when adding new component

Hi! I started building up a big list of custom components, say about 30 components and the software runs fast (even on my chromebook) everything works, until I add a new component, once I add the component, software freezes for about 45 seconds and then runs as normal. This only started happening as my user components grew in size.

I deleted the app/all data and have started importing components one by one, and software doesn't freeze, so just wondering if there is a bug that the software struggles once you have a big list of user components?

Ok well I may have found the answer as I went into config/bstudio/ and deleted all cache files. Imported my component list in full and now there is no software freeze, so I'm going to add the cache folders to bleachbit.

May be an idea to have an option (for your next release) "clear cache".


Happy to hear that the issue was resolved. Having lots of components shouldn't be a problem. Do your components contain large photos?