[Solved] Fatal issue on copy bsdesign files with export and publish settings

I have a big problem with the *.bsdesign files.

The project settings are referenced somewhere!


a.bsdesign (export script-> a.sh)

Now I copy a.bsdesign to b.bsdesign.

If I now open b.bsdesign and set my export script to b.sh, I also change a.bsdesign to b.sh!

This confuses me a lot, depending on which website I am currently working on, it can happen that I export incorrectly.

Incidentally, this also happens with the publisher, which is also fatal!

How i can copy bsdesign files and use separate export and publish configs…?

Reading the Docs would have solved this issue for you, or even kept it from happening if read before you did this :stuck_out_tongue:

To copy a design file to be a new project just do a “save as” when you have the project open, and give the project a different name in the save dialog window. Simple as can be :slight_smile:

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Works wonderfully. My day is saved :slight_smile:

You can also take benefit of the new custom templates. Add your a.design as custom template. Next time you make a new design you can use your a.design as template with all your custom settings

Very nice. Thangs again…