Some code editor improvements

I think you should add word highlighting to make easier to find variables and please remove the first indentation when opening brackets, the bracket should be at the same level and then indent the next instructions:

… …code


Normally you have the first bracket on the same line as your if function like this

if(bla !== blabla){
} else {

or without the brackets

if(bla !== blabla) correct(bla);
else loadData(bla);

and the code editor will work as you expected
words for variables like var const let is already highlighted with a color of blue in the code editor


Well there are lot of different indentation styles, K&R is ok but if the user want to place the brace in new line the editor shouldn’t add the identation on the brace.
About the code highlighting it doent works (at least in my editor), i’m using version 5.7 and when I select any variable the rest are not highlighted(I’, talking about JS editor). As you can see in the picture when selected ids variable the rest are not highlighted.



Personally I very rarely use the built in editor, I use vs code, just make sure to set it (or your editor of choice) as the default editor and double clicking the js file in the Design tab opens it straight away

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Yes I think I will use it too or Notepad++