Some Of My Favourite Flies For Catching Trout

This is a site a started in 2020 but never carried on with. It was to show a guy at work how to make fishing flies for trout. I think I’ll make more in the winter and carry on with it. It was a bit of a pain having to stop and take pictures all the time. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Some Of My Favourite Flies For Catching Trout


My hubby says “nice flies!” lol. Don’t stop every time and take pictures. Make a bunch then do the pictures. Much easier and faster that way due to setup times for each photo etc. I used to sell handmade jewelry online (long story lol, suffice to say I’m not doing it anymore). Trust me when I say if I had to stop with every pair of earrings or bracelets I made and take a photo I never woulda got the site done LOL

Hi @jo-r I had to keep stopping to take the pics at the different stages of making the fly. It was so the guy at work could learn to tie them from the pictures. He said he preferred it that way. He said he could go through the stages on his phone rather than learnig from a video (stopping, rewinding, satrting agin, etc).

Ahh that makes sense. Well it was a job well done! :slight_smile:

New to this stuff, damn did not know these existed, pretty cool looking creatures.

. why not video it straight… then just pick out screen shots.

@kimtasticevents That’s a green drake mayfly. They come out for roughly a month and live for 1 day. Trout love them. If there’s a good hatch of them the trout go wild for them. I like your idea video/screenshots. Never thought of doing that. :ok_hand:

Nice site
On the page Fabs And Blobs you have a horizontal scrollbar caused by the element ‘orange size 8’
maybe add overflow-x:hidden; on the body to get rid of the horizontal scrollbar

Thanks @kuligaposten Seems I had forgotten to add my absolute position class :upside_down_face: