Space between Cols


I am looking for help to create space between columns.

I already set a row and 2 columns, but I don't want to them staying together.

Already tried border-spacing but nothing happened.


Do you have an example image of what you are trying to do?


As you can see in this link:

The columns are together (I am using a row and 2 columns inside a container), without any space between them. I would like to add some border spacing to look like this:


To do what you want I would say you need apply some margin or padding for your columns to get the spade you want. Or drag in some divs for your content to show in and then apply the margins there.

By default, columns create spacing by padding the left and right of it's contents. Based on that it seems that you styled the columns directly with the white background. I would suggest that you put a div inside each column and then move the contents of the column into the div then give it a class then move the columns styling to that class rather then it being on the column directly. This will give you the natural spacing that each column has for it's sides.

That will be 15px on each side which makes it 30pxs in between each column for spacing between each row you can give those added columns a bottom margin to space out the rows of columns.