Spaces and line breaks disappear when copying code

Hi! I have this problem: if I copy html code of paragraph with strong (or other) tags or with pre, spaces and line breaks disappear (see screenshot).<br /> screenshot

This is interesting as I'm trying to figure out why you would copy as HTML to copy text? You don't copy the text there to paste in a text box, you copy the text from the other text box itself. That would be the proper way for dealing with text. Otherwise just duplicate the element and move it where you want it.

I'll also check this to see if mine does what yours is doing, and I'm guessing it will because I get that same issue when I copy things from a PDF file and sometimes Word so I always make sure to paste to a text editor first and then copy from there now.

Try doing things as I state above and you won't have that issue though.

I design pages for help docs with using pre components with javascript code examples and bold and other tags. For my developers it is more convenient and fast to copy html code this way (as I wrote in previous message) to paste into their dev tools than make prototype export.

Our latest update (4.3.2) contains fixes for copying/pasting text. Can you try if the problem still occurs after you update?

Well I tested it just now with doing what solnushock was doing and copying as HTML and then pasting into another text block (overwriting one I duplicated) and here's the results:

  1. The spaces are correct now, no more run together words using that procedure.
  2. It's adding line breaks into the code that weren't there in the original copied item.

Here's a screenshot below to show you what I mean. The top paragraph is the one copied as HTML, the second paragraph is what I duplicated and the 3rd is the outcome when I highlighted the full content of that duplicated paragraph and pasted to overwrite what was there. As you can see there is a line break visually, but no line break in the code at all.