Spacing linke Margin only for or more breakpoints

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I have a topic where I do not know how best to implement it. I hope you can give me some tips from your experience.

I have a row with 4 cols. In the breakpoints from MD I put the 4 cols next to each other. In the breakpoints up to MD I want the cols unteinander. So far so good. But now to my problem:

If the cols are under each other, they need a margin bottom, because otherwise the contents in the cols are too close to each other. I can’t solve it if I just give the cols mb-5, because I don’t want this margin from breakpoint MD on.

How do you handle this? is there a simple trick, or is this something I have to solve via custom CSS?

Thanks for your support.

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The utility classes can be applied at different breakpoints (xs, sm, md, lg, xl, xxl) by just adding the size to the class.

So if you want mb-5 on extra-small to small, you just put in two utility classes, one right after the other (separated by a space.)

mb-5 mb-md-0

This will take away the mb-5 on screen widths from medium on up.

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