[span] Tag is not edit-, or removeable


I copied some Text and inserted it in a Paragraph.
The text has some html-format in it, which I didn’t see.
BTS shows the paragraph with a textcolor and a backgroundcolor.

<span style="color: rgb(212, 212, 212); background-color: rgb(30, 30, 30);">Float</span>

the codeditor shows the [p] and an [span] Tag with the style.

the Overview shows only the Paragraph and NO span

The Problem is… I can’t get rid of the style in the [span]-Tag

When you copy text from external sources, you can often get erratic results when you paste into BSS.

Possible fixes…

  1. Paste your copied text using ctrl+shift+v. This will strip any formatting from the text.

  2. Double click the Paragraph, hit ctrl+a to select all, then go to the toolbar in the top and click the last icon on the right (clear formatting)

  1. Copy your text, create a plain text file on your computer. Paste the copied text. Then copy it from the plain text file and paste it into BSS.

I fixed my problem with “convert to html” and back “convert to components”

then I can clear the wrong formating.

The Button “Clear formating” does not effect the [span] Tag

But the tip with

is great… I used this in Libreoffice, but I didn’t think to use it here, too.
thanks :slight_smile: