Specify a root folder in Settings

It would be REALLY handy if we could specify a root folder in the Settings to which all other links are relative.


When running the Preview server if I have my Home page link set to "/" all the links work fine.

However, if I want to run my site in XAMPP (so I can test some php code used by the site) and my development folder is "localhost/MyBSSTestSite/" none of the links work anymore because they all point to "localhost/" as the root, and I don't want to install my BSS test site in the "localhost/" folder of XAMPP.

Since we can have "linked" headers, footers etc, how hard would it be to have a "root" setting that is also "linked" to all the "/paths" in a BSS site?

(I read in one of the forums somewhere that someone has a script they run to update paths between testing and live deployment - I think having a "root" setting is a much more useful way to handle it?)

This has been asked for before and definitely is something many of us would like to see.