Spell Checking?

It seems on my Mac that there is no spelling checker activated for Bootstrap Studio. Is there a setting I am missing? Or has one yet to be enabled? If there isn't, it would be a great feature.

I must admit that although I usually pull my text from an external text editor where I usually do my typing to keep it simple and easy (and typo free lol), there are times when I type what I want right into the text box in the app and a spell checker would come in a bit handy for that. I don't see it as a "must have now" feature, but would be a nice feature in the future for sure.

In the meantime, use your favorite text editor's spellcheck (in other words, do your typing or pasting there first) before adding the text to the BSS app and you'll be fine. :)

Thank you for the suggestion! We have spell checking support planned, but this thread puts it higher up on our list :). I hope that we'll be able to work on this soon.

Thanks Martin! I already created two new sites with Bootstrap Studio - I'm really liking it!