Split screens

Would it be possible to move the html/css-code to a second screen? As I am 76 years old all on one screen is for me a bit to small YS Steensplinter

As far as I know...

on windows you can have two screens set up side-by-side so that you can move the mouse horizontally back and forth between the screens.

Now open BSS and extend its window across both screens. Enlarge the zoom view as needed...

I think this might take care of the problem, and on a mac or linux ymmv, but I would not expect the experience to be much different.

I hope that this helps you. ?

The problem isn't width, it's the height. When you have the HTML and CSS window up, the area where the site is displayed is too small. Need to be able to put panels on other monitors, the way you can with Adobe programs.

ok. sorry, didn't know that.

Would stacking the monitors one on top of the other logically and extending the BSS application vertical help any?

I do realize that this would just be a quick fix / stop-gap and not a proper solution.

Just trying to help.

Printninja is correct. I do have two screens and are able to exstand BBS horizontally. But that won't change the vertical size of the text. Or (in the solution of PervasiveRichestLL) the horizontal size. My question was: is it possible --like in other programs--- to undock parts of the program (html + css code) and move them to the second screen ?

That would be a no. We've been asking for it for quite some time, but so far no love on that feature. Hopefully it's something we'll see in a not too distant update.

Found a little spare time and moved the monitors logically on top of one another vertically. From my experience it almost works.

In a horizontal multiple monitor setup: If I could show all of the panels in a certain order, then show/hide, and resize all of them, I could make it work as a feasible solution.

In most apps this is done by setting up multiple custom views, with keyboard shortcuts to select the current active view.

Windows has an accessibility magnifying application that can help those who need it.

Stacking monitors is, forgive me, a silly, 1990's solution. Computer operating systems have supported multiple monitors for almost two decades now. Software developers need to get with the times. IMO.

Of course full agreement, no argument whatsoever.

It's too bad we can't assign our own classes to the panels and move them around with our own css, just like designing a web page.

All panels should be undockable. It's standard in IDE's these days.

Thanks for the support. Hope they 'll pick it up. It would be a great help. I'm told by a programmer it's not to difficult to program it