Sprinkles - The not so real donut store

I thought I would experiment with some AI copywriting via tinywow (as recommended by @printninja) and some AI graphics, everything (apart from the donut icon) is generated by AI, designed by a human :slight_smile:


What happens when the AI’s can create websites faster and better than us?

It’s like the holodeck in Star Trek, “Computer, create a scenario…” and the result is basically perfect.

Guess I better start thinking about how to reinvent myself (again.)

nice work, I like the fonts and now I´m hungry…damm

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This is how I started out, what seems like 20 reinventions later :slight_smile:

And I still have all my fingers

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Thanks, It makes a change from doing corporate work in drab colour schemes and ‘sensible’ fonts :slight_smile:

Yeah, I worked in an offset printer’s shop for about 4 years, and I did typesetting work for a few others for decades. When I got involved in printing (early 90’s) we were still creating “camera ready art” using wax machines to create mechanicals, cameras to make film, ruby lith to make edits and burning metal plates.

OMG Love it!
I’m finding all the new AI development fascinating. I’ve seen some on Twitter express concern, but it’s adapt or die.
Which AI generator did you use for the images? I’ve tried DALL.E and another one, but my prompts aren’t really good atm, so results have been a bit meerr

Thank you, AI really is quite amazing, and as you say, adapt or die.

I used midjourney for the images, as I definately agree that getting the prompts right is a bit tricky, I got lucky with these ones. I need to take some time to learn the system as I’m planning to launch a print-on-demand site selling prints on canvas.