srollspy and affix

How can I handle this 2 componenents within bootstrapstudio?

< body > is locked and I cannot add data-spy="scroll" for example

Add the scroll spy id in attribute section beneath the html pane.

I didn't understand your suggestion. Gave it a couple of tries but didn't work for me. I had to add it via javascript this way:

$('body').scrollspy({ target: '#navbar-example' })

It worked with no problem.

Thanks anyway.

sorry for short reply was on my phone.

try this, when you have the nav bar selected, open the attribute window just below HTML panel and then click the + just below 'class name' section. this will give you ability to add your own attributes.

i just added 'data-spy' and then 'scroll', clicked apply and this was added to my html like this

nav class="navbar navbar-default navbar-fixed-top" data-spy="scroll">

is that the desired result you wanted?

It worked perfectly! Thank you.

Didn't notice the + button :P