SSH to Run Remote Command

Now that SFTP is available - how about having an option to run a remote command using SSH using the same login? For instance, after sending files using SFTP, then running a remote command on the server like:

ssh user@host <command on server>

I use the Export Script now to sftp files and then run a script on the host to post-process them.

BSS SFTP has the files already structured properly and creates the directory tree for the entire package.

For example, I have a script on the server that changes file extensions from .html to .php. I also have some changes done in the files using sed. I call this script after sftp’ing the files to the server.

I am able to do this now using Export Script. However, I have one script for Linux and a different batch file for Windows. If BSS can run the remote command, then Export Script wouldn’t be needed and the settings are the same among all operating systems (bash versus batch files, etc.).